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Welcome to Garry's world of trains.


For all of you that know me, That are aware that I am mad about trains and those of you who know me and did not know, you do now..


As a young Lad, I used to stay with my Nan & Grandad through the summer holidays, this was my heaven as at the end of the garden was Ruislip train depot and I used to watch trains going up and down the line (steam and many diesels) all day long.


I remember one day myself, Nan & Grandad (we call him Pops for short) we would be sitting at the table drinking tea staring out the window looking at the empty rail tracks, then my uncle would come home and shout out HURRY Pop, Gaz, steam train coming down the line.

And this was the crazy thing we'd all jump in the car and drives to one of the stations were it was going through to catch it fly past it was mad but so much fun..


Pops also used to make live running steam trains one being the LMS Princess Royal with length of 3 feet long and very heavy. But I used to sit and watch him for hours making brass washers, nuts, bolts and making wheels, axle parts made to Precision. 

We would often go out to depot open days and at 10 years old being aloud to climb all over diesels trains inside and out at old oak common depot and at Crewe was so much fun coming home covered in dust, oil, and smelling of diesel..  Completely different to kids today,


So now you can see why I've always been mad on trains.

Old Oak Depot 2007

Crewe 1981

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