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DCC OO gauge Old Oak Bridge BR diesel and electric era up to around the year 2001 which is themed with the Inspiration from Acton and Old Oak stations and depots, now sadly gone. Main station - Old Oak Bridge station, Old Oak Lane Maintenace Depot, Old Oak Juntion Signal box.

Old Oak Bridge 2016

This is my third build using Peco track and points in OO gauge with a new fleet of loco's mainly Bachmann and a couple newer Hornby loco's, I have opted for smooth reliable running, hence the upgraded to be powered by DCC,

I think building my first two layouts have expanded my knowledge and my desire to have a railway that is fun to operate and exciting to build hence my move to DCC, going back to 2008 DCC was twice the cost to buy than today's prices also technology has moved on with an more adaptable and affordable market.

I will ad a few video's and picture during constuction but I am not intending to add how to video's as their are a lot on YouTube.

I would like to say Thank you to Richard Warren who built Everard Junction of which his enthusiasm inspired me to get my project under with a model railway I have always wanted.
Search Everard Juntion on YouTube to watch his fantastic 'how to build a model railway series' featuring Everard Junction.

Thank you also to Brian Lambert for his web site detailing DCC and lots of wiring hints and tips.

Old Oak Bridge
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