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All this is what drove me back into Railways Modeling again after 30 years.

It all started one day after reading a magazine article on former GWR branch lines, which took me to Watington station being closed in 1957.


Then one day I had to go and see the line for myself as I climbed over the gate rambled through thick bushes to stumble into the old station.
I was taken back with shock to see it, as it is today,
which left me feeling very strange to how this little old station was hidden by trees and bushes to rot. As sad as it was, it is amazing to see this untouched beauty with ghostly trains running down the line into the distance.
As I stood there I it was like travelling through time I could imagine people standing at the platform in front of me and under my feet were still them old rails from 1872 which I stood on just as the 0-6-0
pictured below,
This was an amazing day I would never forget....

Watlington Station 2005
This is how it looks today...

Old Station, looking down track to water tower

History lost in the wilderness.

Watlington (Buckinghamshire) has been modelled as a prototypical branch line terminus in OO gauge. The layout was originally built by David Fearn, and was purchased by Geoff Bell.. Which shows how it used to look years before 1957 when the branch was fially closed..

Watlington branch line terminus in OO gauge
This layout was originally built by Geoff Bell

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