Garry's Model Railway

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The Power behind Gaztek Railway

Diesel Shed September 2007

Base layer 6mm ply construction

My Dream.


I started off with the thought of using a few standard 12v controllers with isolated sections, to creat a true to life railway with train controlled signal's using reed switches. this had to be simple but interesting to run.


As a young boy I used to have a 6ft x 4ft layout running one train at a time, at the age of 15, girls and life took hold of me pushing a side my beloved railway.


I started work at 17 and bought a complete zero 1 train control unit and lots of accessories for 30 it was stored in mums loft for many years until I married and had my own loft space..

when life grabbed me at 39 I wanted to bring back my dream of having a big railway that my kids would enjoy as much as myself.

The journey had started of which was going to be a small 3ft x 8ft construction built in 4 sections that could be removable, this was so.

it took me 2 years to get were the railway is today.

And now it’s a 36ft loop around the loft with a 2 x 2ft x 9ft scenic displays.

This is were my Zero 1 came in for the first time in 22 years I wired it all up set the controls and WOW my dream was reality and still using it now, its a bit dated but it dose the job well but I am planning to go for a new system to bring me up to date as Zero 1 dose have a few gremlins like old command chips and keeping the track clean other than that we have had some great journeys.


I use another unit (Gaztek Control unit) That is custom built with switches, buttons, and has a H&M clipper power unit that has been stripped out of its case and re wired in to the unit this gives me power to my street lights, houses, signals etc..  

The unit also runs my reverse loop that at first was doing my head in, but after some research and advise and some serious thinking I got it all working to how I wanted.



After completion as photo gallery I did have some running issues, and pre planning a new build with new track....


Zero 1 control unit

Train power unit for 16 trains

Gaztek Control unit ,

Town lights, signals, reverse loop, sounds

First build 2008

Reverse Loop Wiring Diagram (A)

--------------> Switch ------------>

Reverse Loop Wiring Diagram (B)

<-------------- Switch < ------------