Garry's Model Railway

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Track Plan of first layout. 9ft x 8ft in the loft.
this is now being taken apart due myself not being happy with the way it worked and i made a lot of wiring mistakes all of which got the better of me.

Garrys Layout
Track Plans

The layout was designed by my self and originally constructed on a 21" x 48" section of 6mm plywood By 2" high and framed underneath to create a base unit, in which 4 were constructed the same, as picture below

Then when all bolted together the whole construction would be 8 ft x 3.5 ft, thus giving me a nice little layout with a loop that fitted one side of my loft.

The 21" x 48" sections were easy to build and add too which made life fun as I could build one part then leave to dry then start on another part and so on.

If your intending to start a scene for the first time I would recommend this way of building plus it is very easy to install and if you have to move it around this is a bonus.  


This was all great until I installed my 8 ft x 3.5 ft layout in to the loft then banged my head on a beam which then gave me a thought of I am going to get older,

 And I know I can reach little bits of track now but will I in a few years time...

And I then realized that I wanted to expand further in to the loft. Hence now I have expanded to 9 ft x 9 ft as layout above.

By the way my head still aches, but I think that from the wife... say no more....

This is how base board started out of 6mm Ply

The pictures below show the 2 main sections, the left side Aston Rowant Station and Depot and the right side Watlington Bridge.


The layout was an inspiration of little bits from watlington branch line and some things I remember as a little boy like the diesel depot at old oak when you could climb all over diesels all day long, how things have changed,

On this layout I tried to keep a theme of the Reading / Oxford area and its a up to date scene with a GWR branch line..

Watlington Bridge - build gallery
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